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How Would I Know If I Had A Hearing Problem

Hearing is a physical and mental process. Both need to work in harmony for hearing success.

Most of the time hearing problems begin gradually, almost unnoticed. Family and friends often learn to adapt to someone's hearing loss, without even realizing they are doing it.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your hearing:

  • Do I ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Do I have a hard time understanding a conversation in a group of people?
  • Do I have difficulty hearing what is said unless I'm facing the speaker?
  • Does it sound like other people are mumbling or talking very softly?
  • Do I have difficulty hearing women or children?
  • Have family or friends suggested I might have a problem?
  • Do I experience ringing or buzzing in my ears?

If you suspect your hearing has declined, you are not alone.

Nearly 1 in every 5 American adults struggles with a hearing loss. With today's modern advancements in hearing aid technology, the vast majority of these could be successfully treated with hearing aids.

It's time to take action. Let our hearing professionals help you discover the solution to your hearing needs.

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