Hearing Aid Accessories

Apex hearing aids are capable with a variety of accessories and smartphone apps.

Hearing Aid Accessories - Apex Network Hearing Centers
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Smart Key:
Discreet of volume change, program selection, and more.
Smart Remote:
Control of volume change, program selection, and more.
Smart Connect:
Hands-free Bluetooth connection to cell phones and other devices, as well as remote control of your hearing aids.
Speech Connect*:
Companion microphone for wireless direct -to -aid hearing.
Smart Transmitter*:
Allows Smart Connect to be used with non-Bluetooth devices.
Smart Power Charger:
Charges, dries, and provides overnight safe storage for hearing aids.

*These items work in conjunction with the Smart Connect Features, accessories, and app compatibility varies based upon model and performance level. Talk to your hearing health professional for more information.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphone Apps - Apex Network Hearing Centers
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Connexx Smart Remote App:
Allows remote control function without an additional accessory.
Connexx Smart Connect App:
Requires Smart Connect. Allows full remote control capabilities, control of directional microphone patterns and control of Smart Connect for Bluetooth streaming.