Welcome to the Apex Network of Hearing Care professionals!

The Apex (Audio Prosthetic Experts) Network is a growing network of Independent hearing aid centers across the USA who have joined together to benefit our patients. Apex stands for Audio prosthetic experts. A hearing aid is an audio prosthetic device that has the capacity of truly impacting the lives of those with hearing loss as well as their family and friends. Studies have shown the dramatic effect of hearing loss on an individual’s well-being.

But a hearing aid is only as good as the person taking care of you. These individuals must be highly skilled professionals who are experts in counseling, products, programming, modifications, testing, and validation. When you choose an Apex Network member, you have chosen an audio prosthetic expert committed to the highest standards of patient care.


Apex Network is a Network of Independent hearing aid centers. We believe strongly that a patient’s best interest is served by independent hearing care professionals. Many hearing aid centers across the USA are bound to a manufacturer to fit one brand of hearing aids and only certain levels of technology. These “backroom deals” are not in the best interest of the patient. Essentially, by signing such contracts the manufacturer has control over the hearing aid center, and thus over the patients of that business. We have joined together as a Network for the very purpose of remaining completely independent of any hearing aid manufacturer while, at the same time, having strength through numbers.


Our network members fit many different hearing aids from leading manufacturers. What you need depends on your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Your Apex Network expert will be able to assist you in making this determination.

While our experts fit many brands of hearing aids, only certain hearing aids bear the name “Apex”. These instruments have met our rigid standards of quality and performance offering the most help for background noise, telephone use, comfort, being discreet, and general customer satisfaction.


Your Apex Network professional adheres to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We have one mission: to offer those in need with the best hearing possible. We are in the business of helping people. Through careful counseling and explanations, we deal with patients with honesty, integrity and care while holding to the highest standards of professionalism.


Modern day hearing aids are very sophisticated devices. Essentially, they are mini computers. Yet, they can only perform as well as the data that is entered into them. Complete and accurate hearing evaluations are essential for a patient to get the most out of their hearing aids and to have the best hearing possible.

Apex Network members are committed to the highest standards of testing. We perform complete hearing evaluations so you, the patient, can experience the best hearing possible.


Whether you already have hearing aids, are considering purchasing hearing aids, or simply would like a hearing evaluation, we are ready to help. Call today to schedule a complimentary appointment with the Apex Hearing Center closest to you. We are ready to serve you in any way we can.

Code of Ethics of the Apex Network

Members of the Apex Network are to abide by the Code of Ethics as stated herein. These principles of professional conduct are intended to provide the best service for the hearing impaired and to guide hearing health professionals in their relations with each other and the public in general.

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